Anzac Day run to Aramoana – plenty of seals!

A great turnout today, with Nicky, Robin and Tina, Janice, Vern, Mike and myself. Was good to meet Vern, good to see another PX, and a very tidy one too. The weather was surprising warm and sunny, we had an excellent coffee and apple and pear Strudel in Port Chalmers, then a very nice walk to the end of the pier in Aromoana. Good old Dunners, just when you think the winter has arrived, it turns on a day like this.

Thanks everyone, great to see you all, thank you Tina for your photos and thanks to all the soldiers over the years.


Easter Egg Run a great Success – thanks Steph!


Food was excellent!

Food was excellent!

It really was a great ride, Central is so pretty and Middlemarch is a very nice little town for a spot of lunch. All the scooters performed well, Ross had his purple petrol eater flying on the flat and down hill bits, and there was only the odd hickup with Steph and Robin’s scooters but nothing serious. Must do it again some time!

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Very pleased with the OVC stickers, thanks Robin!

Very pleased with the OVC stickers, thanks Robin!


Ride out, Waitangi day 2013

Here’s a few photos from the slightly truncated ride the other day 🙂 If you guys have any more photos, by all means email me and I will add them.