DCC transport through the ages themed “Share the Road” parade – November 10

Janice has been talking to one of the organisers of this Share the Road parade the DCC is running and they are very keen to have some Vespas. They need to know numbers though so can you let Janice know if you can come by Wednesday 23rd? Looks like it could be a bit of fun and also a chance to raise our profile a little bit. See below:

“The Dunedin City Council is launching its new road safety campaign with a Share the Road parade on Sunday, November 10, from 3  – 5 pm.

We are working on a Transport Though the Ages theme and I would love it if you could join the parade. The idea of the parade is to show that there is a spectrum of road users ranging from pedestrians, through horses, cyclists and mobility scooter users to cars, heavy haulage, buses and service vehicles such as ambulances. We are also attempting to give some historical context to how road use has developed and changed over the centuries.

The parade will start from outside the dental school (Great King Street) and move into Frederick Street and along George Street to the Octagon. A Master of Ceremonies will  give a commentary as the various groups arrive in the Octagon.

I do hope you will be able to join us on November 10.”


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